Wednesday 10 February 2021

New members at xsite and Spence & Dower!

We are delighted to introduce four new members of the Arch 6 team, who joined us in the latter half of 2020 - Paul, Jack, Ella, and Lucy. Paul joined us as an Architectural Technologist, Jack and Ella as Part I Architectural Assistants and Lucy as a Business Administrator Apprentice.

Left-Right Jack, Ella, Lucy 

Paul has been an Architectural Technologist for around 20 years now. Starting off at a curtain wall company as an office junior, he worked his way through university and various different architecture practices to find himself where he is today. Born just outside of Consett, Paul is very familiar to the area and after moving to Leeds for a few years, he now lives in Gosforth. At xsite, Paul is currently working on the technical design stage of a residential scheme in the Ouseburn. Outside of work, he likes to eat, drink, and hang out with his wife and son. As well as this he enjoys gigs and the skatepark with his son despite the fact that this usually results in injuries for Paul! 

Jack, originally from Morpeth, studied at Sheffield Hallam University but has decided to return to Newcastle for a year to join us at xsite. While travelling, Jack was always drawn in by the architecture that each different city had to offer. This, as well as already having a growing interest in the construction industry, is what led him to go on to pursue a career in architecture. He is currently working on multiple projects at xsite - predominantly new build housing. Outside of work, Jack enjoys travelling, playing football, and watching football matches at the pub with his mates. 

Ella is a Part 1 Architectural Assistant for Spence and Dower. Spence and Dower co-located with xsite back in May of 2019 and Ella works across practices between both xsite and Spence and Dower. Originally from London, Ella moved to Newcastle 4 years ago to study at Newcastle University, her passion for fine art, her creative mindset and her great interest in the build environment led her down the path of Architecture. Ella is currently working on the regeneration of a Grade II listed industrial building in Newcastle. The project is centred around preserving and celebrating the historic fabric of the building whilst fitting it out as a multi-use workspace. Outside of work, Ella coaches younger age groups in hockey after playing the sport for 7 years herself as well as going to gigs and long walks in the countryside.

Lucy, our Business Administrator Apprentice, joined xsite in September and has remained local, originally being from just across the water in Gateshead. Lucy’s initial interest in Business Administration developed when she started sixth form, studying maths and business. After one year, she realised that she had a great interest in the way different businesses worked and that she preferred a more ‘hands on’ approach rather than a traditional learning setting. At xsite, Lucy assists our practice manager day to day, ensuring that our business runs smoothly. Outside of work, Lucy enjoys going shopping and to the pub with her friends as well as taking her two dogs on walks.