Thursday 18 August 2011


Today's xsite is Tim...

xsite have been awarded the chance to work with a Changemaker.

In short this a young person between 16 – 25 years old who is interested in developing leadership skills and working on a project in the Ouseburn with xsite over a period of six months.

We need to nominate three people to be considered for this by September 12th and we are keen that they are local, enthusiastic and willing to be challenged.  It represents a really exciting opportunity if you want to know more look at for what might be expected of you and for who we are.  If you want to talk about it please contact Tim Bailey by email  call on 0191 287 2161.

Friday 12 August 2011

Invisible Architectures Festival

Today's xsite is Anna...

Earlier this year, xsite hosted Will Schrimshaw, an artist-researcher, for a 3-month 'Creative Residency'.  Will’s work focuses on environmental interaction and the invisible determinants of space and place. His current project examines the ‘invisible architectures’ and subliminal layers of the city. 

This project presented a great opportunity for Will and xsite to work together and the result is a 3-day festival that will take place in September called ‘Invisible Architectures’.  The festival will explore the invisible yet influential substrates of urban existence. Artists, architects and writers will explore the subtle, subliminal invisible layers of the city through guided tours, workshops, films showing at the Tyneside Cinema and participatory events.

Working with the artist, xsite have designed a temporary pavilion, to be located at Grey’s Monument, that will act as a base for the festival, an information point for visitors and a starting point for guided tours.

‘Invisible Architectures‘ will take place at and around Grey’s Monument, Newcastle-upon-Tyne from 9th – 11th September 2011.

For more information visit and

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Enchanted Chicken Coop

Today's xsite is Anna...

One of our installations from last year's Enchanted Parks has found itself a new home, in the form of a chicken coop. xsite's first chicken related architecture...

'There was a House in the Woods' had been sitting unused for too long, so we decided to donate it to a worthy cause. Resulting in the chickens of the Ouseburn Farm finding themselves with a new house. They were all lounging around quite at home when I went to visit...