Wednesday 6 November 2013

To Make The Stone Stoney

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‘To make the stone stoney’ is a series of interactive discussions events, based at our events venue Ouse Street Arts Club, related to the long-term research partnership between artist Nicola Singh and our own Tim Bailey, commissioned by Wunderbar.

Curated under a collection of themes by Nicola Singh, the events aim to generate discussion that reflects upon and challenges the archive of work created through this partnership and which also looks to future collaborations.

Each event will include an introduction to the work, group discussion and a short exercise that aims to further explore the value of thinking with and through movement and sound in relation to the built environment.

Wednesday 20 November
space; place; scale; negotiation; private; public; permission; protest; ownership; governance; structure; substance; signs; symbols;

Wednesday 27 November
performer; spectator; absence; non-participation; aesthetics; ethics; discomfort; the act of seeing; the experience of being seen;

Wednesday 4 December
improvisation; instruction; spectacle; collectivity; synchronicity; thought; posture; action; gesture; rhythm; labour; move; be moved;

Wednesday 11 December
head; shoulders; knees & toes; length; depth; breadth; height;

Documentation of previous work will also be exhibited as part of the events.

Each event will take place between 6pm – 8pm on the above dates, at Ouse Street Arts Club, Ouse Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2PF. Tickets are £4 for each event or £12 for all four, price includes a limited edition print. Refreshments will be provided. Please note that the events have a very limited capacity.

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