Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Ouse Street General Store

Today's xsite is Anna...

We will be opening our events space Ouse Street Arts Club as ‘Ouse Street General Store’ from 11th – 20th October as part of Northern Design Festival, please make sure you pop by!

The corner shop, not just a place to pick up a pint of milk and The Chronicle, but a place central to our sense of community and our collective memory. Not just purveyors of essential provisions but a place to bump into neighbours, to pick up gossip and central to our sense of living somewhere.
Overshadowed by the supermarkets and seldom the first thought on a property developer’s mind the humble corner shop’s future is far from secure.

Ouse Street Arts Club sits at the heart of Newcastle’s Ouseburn Valley where an industrial past sits alongside a creative present and JCBs are preparing the ground for major residentially led regeneration with the aim of creating a sustainable urban village.

It is in this context that Ouse Street General Stores will open its doors for Northern Design Festival 2013.

Presenting curated shelves full of work from over 30 North East and national designers, artists and makers Ouse Street General Stores will be your local cultural 7-Eleven.  It’s ‘Open all hours’ meets ‘Etsy’ and you won’t go short of that pint of milk.

Opening Hours
11 – 20th October 9am – 5pm
Preview Friday 11th 5.30-7.30pm
Closed Sundays