Thursday 9 May 2013

Palace Hub Micro Offices

Today's xsite is Nita...

A side project fitting out one of the larger office at the Palace Hub has just been completed. The Micro Offices are designed with start up businesses in mind- each office is big enough for 1-2 people. Companies letting a micro office can have an affordable address at the Hub with similar companies as neighbours, moving into the bigger offices as their businesses grow. The Micro Offices have their own break out spaces and meeting areas, formed by the spaces between the offices.

The panels forming the fitout were largely prefabricated in the factory then assembled on site. They consist of a timber frame clad alternatively with timber battens, birch faced ply and corrugated polycarbonate.

We are thrilled with how they’ve turned out and look forward to seeing them fully furnished and occupied.

Photography by Andrew Hogg