Thursday 2 June 2011

Names for Bands

Today's xsite is Nita...

A hobby that we have developed in the office over the past couple of years is to think up possible names for bands, often over a Friday afternoon drink at the Cumberland. There are so many bands out there who make great music but have pretty terrible names. And inspiration for band names can come from all sorts of quarters. Unfortunately, none of us are looking to start a band with this name any time soon, so we are blogging them in the hope they may amuse others. So, in no particular order, a selection of our favourite names:

The Revetments
The Grubby Cuffs
Crosstalk Attenuator
The Windemeres
Transition Roost
The Dawn Swarming
The Dead Prospects
Goats in Transit
Cluster Flat
Visual Contrast
Commando Socket

We didn’t properly check if any of these bands exist already, if we have inadvertently copied your band’s name sorry (and kudos!).