Tuesday 22 February 2011

Will Schrimshaw - Artist in Residence

Today's xsite is Anna...

Will Schrimshaw is our new artist in residence; his residency officially began during the first week of February. Twice a year xsite offers artists the opportunity to be part of Foundry Lane Studios by taking up residency in house for 3mths.

Will is an artist-researcher from Wakefield, currently based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Often working with sound, his work focuses on environmental interaction and the invisible determinants of space and place. This work is carried out by means of earth, text and code. You can find out more about his work here: http://willschrimshaw.net/

While at Foundry Lane he is going to be working on a new project called Invisible Architectures. This project is aimed at bringing together artists, architects, writers and thinkers who are interested in the invisible aspects or layers of the city, whether this be its sonic, haptic, olfactory, thermic or electromagnetic qualities.

The intention is to invite people to lead workshops and participatory events that will happen as part of a weekend festival in Newcastle and be executed on foot, preferably in public spaces throughout the city. xsite will be working with Will to help develop the project, which we expect will come to fruition in early summer 2011.