Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Today's xsite is Anna...

We've been discussing our resolutions for the coming year, prompted by Nita's sisters resolution to buy shares in a racehorse, so here are our best efforts:

Nita _ Learn to make perfect poached eggs and walk the cat on a lead (carry over from last year).
Anna _ Play the lottery more seriously. Have a tidy allotment with aubergines.
Mal _ Make time to read more, subject matters - fiction, architecture, understanding toddlers.
Tim _ Be on time.
Robin _ Cycle more, go to the dentist, and stop ‘snoozing’ in the morning (when the alarm clock rings).
Jane _ Don't shout at the children so much.
Gail _ Get fit and do more things for me.
Adrian _ Get no parking tickets and wear more ties.
Nikki _ Try to remember New Year's Resolutions. Be more organised. See the sunrise more often.
Chris _ Say 'yes' to more opportunities (within reason), a bit like Jim Carey in that film...
Rowena _ Go to zumba classes once a week.
Nicola _ To make time.
Carol _ Start running again and do a half marathon.

I'll keep you posted how we get on...